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Fight for Your Budget: How to Track and Justify Your Admissions Marketing Efforts

From what I’ve witnessed during the progression of career colleges over the last decade, never have they been more important in providing access to quality higher education as evident by current sky rocketing enrollments.  At the same time, competition among career colleges to attract and retain these students is fierce.  Career colleges are facing challenges when it comes to dedicating money and resources to their admissions marketing initiatives in order to increase efficiencies and improve conversions.  Yet, more than ever, they need to continue to drive even higher, and more importantly, the right kind of enrollments. 

I see these trends taking shape at career colleges around the country – and consequently, they are at the core of our upcoming webinar hosted by Derek Kraus and Justin Sloan, both whom have been on the front lines of career college admissions.  They will tackle the challenges career colleges face in tracking admissions marketing efforts and measuring performance in order to justify budgets and produce better results. 

Derek and Justin are ready to dig in and give participants the tools and information necessary to defend and maximize shrinking budgets.   They’ll cover everything from calculating the true cost of your admissions tactics to using tracking systems effectively,  achieving buy-in from your admissions staff, and finally, securing upper management support.  

Fight for Your Budget: How to Track and Justify Your Admissions Marketing Efforts

Date: Tuesday, April 6th, 2010
Time: 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

Register Now

I hope you will be able to join us.  In the interim, I would like to hear your thoughts and marketing admissions success stories. How are you measuring performance and aligning it with your admissions budgets?


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