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Webinar Re-cap: Fight for Your Budget: How to Track and Justify Your Admissions Marketing Efforts

TopSchool co-hosted our first webinar this week with MyUsearch.com: Fight for Your Budget: How to Track and Justify Your Admissions Marketing Efforts.

Derek Kraus, the former director of operations for Westwood College and Justin Sloan, the former senior director of admissions for the College of Wooster, both of TopSchool, were our presenters.

If you weren’t able to attend, a copy of the presentation can be found here.

In short, here are seven easy steps to track and analyze your admissions marketing efforts so you can fight for and secure the appropriate budget:

  1. Identify your student profile: Know who your students are. Brainstorm with groups to provide one word adjectives that describe your students. Be clear in describing your students and displaying your knowledge of your campus.
  2. Determine costs (CPL, CPA, CPS): Know what all of your expenses are within each measuring category of CPL (Cost per Lead), CPA (Cost per Application) and CPS (Cost per Start).
  3. Set metric goals: Set your goals for each metric identified, plus you may have additional ones, such as the number of student leads you will need each week or month, to help reach your enrollment goals.
  4. Find your students: Which websites do your students visit? Which vendors can help you find your student profile? Identify these websites and vendors and have a clear plan of how you’re going to work with them.
  5. Diversify your vendor list: Always diversify the list of vendors you utilize. This will help you  not only access a broader prospective student base, but also diversify the resulting student population.
  6. Create data tracking: Make sure you have the right tools in place for tracking all the necessary information such as the number of student leads, applications, starts and all related costs.
  7. Standardize measurements and reports: Lastly, standardize all of your measurements and reports. Consistency allows for greater understanding and transparency of what’s going on in your processes and the ability to clearly and easily indicate how your changes are effectively improving costs, revenue, employee morale and the overall experience of your students.

Following these seven steps will lead you to increased enrollment and operational efficiencies.

Are you already addressing each of these steps in your admissions process?


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