Lead Management for Targeted Marketing in Higher Education

Targeting the right prospective student, getting that student enrolled, and seeing that student through to graduation is the lifeblood of your educational system. However, that initial step might not ever take place with dirty data, meaning data that is incomplete, outdated, or just plain inaccurate.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with numerous educators at the Career College Association annual convention in Las Vegas, and it was amazing to hear how some schools make lead management a priority, and others simply didn’t have the resources to do so.

Schools need to be proactive when it comes to maintaining lead data, and they should be asking themselves the following questions:

    •  Increased operational efficiencies, allowing admissions staff to focus on high quality leads and not data management
    •  Targeted marketing programs resulting in accurate, measurable results
    •  Higher enrollment and retention rates, driving a stronger bottom line
    •  Happy, well placed students
    1.  How fast are prospective students changing contact and biographical information?
    2.  How often should you realistically update prospective student information?
    3.  At what point do you recognize prospective student data as expired, and purge it?
    Data management is  crucial and can determine how your school fares in meeting or exceeding your recruitment and enrollment goals. More efficient lead management hinges upon the quality of your data – data that has been verified as complete, current and accurate.Schools that take steps to more efficiently manage data will be able to attract the right type of student, enroll that student, and see that student through to graduation. They should achieve the following:To read more about lead management and ten tips for keeping up with data so you make sure you are using the highest quality information in your recruitment and enrollment efforts, please download a copy of my white paper, More Effective Lead Management for Targeted Marketing in Higher Education.

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