Colleges can now implement Independent Study with TopSchool System

We’ve been working hard here at TopSchool and are excited about the latest release of our Student Lifecycle Management (SLM) system. We have quite a bit of new functionality included, but I want to highlight one area that I think student-centric institutions will truly appreciate.

Our SLM system goes beyond the capabilities of traditional college student information systems, enabling flexible delivery methods. Along these lines, we’ve just released functionality to support Independent Study. This allows student-centric institutions to easily set up course sections to support self-paced education in combination with standard terms, non-standard terms or non-term structures.
When a student is registered for an independent study course section, the system will calculate an expected completion date for the student using predefined rules and calendars set up by the institution. Colleges may also decide to allow individual student extensions, enabling schools to directly address students on a unique one-to-one basis. Institutions with self paced distance learning programs or open entry/open exit courses will be able to manage student registrations based upon completion of course objectives and learning outcomes rather than fixed course schedule dates.

We hope this new feature allows our customers to continue to meet and exceed student expectations. What do you think?


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