Career College Technology Discussions at PAPSA

Last week, I spent a few days in Pennsylvania and have returned to Denver energized for things to come. Along the way, I was stuck behind a number of major traffic accidents and was re-routed extensively. It gave me an opportunity to see much of the PA country side and was worth the detour.

A colleague and I had a great meeting with a business college in the region. They have significant growth plans and are looking to utilize a student management system to increase operational efficiencies. We all look forward to further discussions with them.

I was honored to be invited to speak at the Pennsylvania Association of Private School Administrators Annual Conference.  I welcomed the opportunity to discuss the power of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to the attendees. SaaS solutions are flexible, low maintenance and can help schools focus on recruitment, retention and placement, rather than IT. It was great to see schools embrace the concept of SaaS.

In addition, I was excited about Mike Artim’s presentation, and he didn’t disappoint. Mike is the Executive Director of Cambria-Rowe Business College. Cambria-Rowe has been talking with employers in the region to better understand the skills and competencies they are looking for to fill positions. The school is evolving its program curriculum to adapt to the changing needs of the employers. Mike also discussed how Cambria- Rowe is leveraging technology in the classroom through the use of digital content, iPads and other vehicles.

Thanks to the efforts of the group at PAPSA for an enlightening career college conference, I look forward to participating next year.

I’m always looking for feedback, how is your school leveraging technology to create efficiencies?


Preparing for the Career College Association Convention

It’s that time of the year again – the CCA convention is just around the corner where hundreds of career colleges and the companies that support their operations will meet and collaborate on the markets trends, challenges and opportunities we all face.

The convention is a great opportunity to for all of us at TopSchool to engage with schools at every level. From the users of our system talking to our product team about specific ways to manage and report on data, to career college CEOs who want to talk about the direction of their programs, we look forward to discussing new ways we can help them deliver a better student experience.

We’ve got several things lined up that will keep attendees both in the know right now and thinking about what lies ahead:

Participate in our roundtable discussions:
We are hosting “How To Make Informed Decisions Based On Successful Student Profiles,” where participants will learn how to better leverage data to provide a complete picture of each student so they can determine when, where and how students can be most successful. Our first session is already full, so please visit our registration site soon if you would like to participate.

Leverage our white paper:
Improving the Student Experience to Increase Career College Revenue shares insight into the ways career colleges can more efficiently and effectively access, manage and report on information in order to deliver an improved student experience and drive increased revenue growth.

See us on the floor:
We will be located in booth #504/506 on the exhibit floor – please stop by! See you in Vegas!